Happiness Tips


Darling Mr. Grumpypants popped into my office recently and peered over my shoulder to find out what in God’s name I could possibly be ordering now, as he thinks I’ve already bought the whole internet. Luckily, at that moment he didn’t catch me in the act of surreptitiously reeling in another pair of Stewies, nor adding to my infinite collection of couture shades (I never, ever lose ’em and have Ray-Bans dating all the way back to college). But my purchase drew his ire, nonetheless. I, as it turns out, was doing my weekly purchase of Amazon gift cards for that weekend’s bar and bat mitzvahs.

With my boys on the bar/bat mitzvah circuit for the…

Teaching Kids Philanthropy

The family joke is that when my dad was a typical wiseass kid in religious school, and was called upon to answer a question about any significant historical figure, his stock answer was, “(So-and-so) was a great Jewish philanthropist,” (and technically he was almost always right!).

Well, I’m proud to be living in a frat house full of budding great Jewish philanthropists. You see, tomorrow kicks off the Fourth Annual Reiser Brothers’ Jimmy Fund Challenge. Late in July, each guy makes a pledge to be totaled based on statistics of the Red Sox during the month of August, and together they make a combined donation to the Jimmy Fund, which supports cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute…