A few Sundays ago, we decided it was a fried chicken kind of day, and we figured that nothing goes better with all that crunchy goodness than top-notch mashed potatoes. Ina has three recipes for what I used to call “mash’ll tee-toes” as a toddler, and because of the buttermilk in the chicken recipe, we decided upon the buttermilk variation. The problem with mashed potatoes is that they either come out lumpy if you use a hand masher or gluey if you’re silly enough to put them into a food processor. Two words, my friends: food mill. Brilliant! Miraculous! Standing ovation! Those Yukons transformed into edible velvet. Moistened with milk, butter and buttermilk, they were the lightest, fluffiest, smoothest, tastiest mash’ll tee-toes I ever did eat!

(I must divulge just how crafty and evil I am: I have had a few recipes in the hopper that I haven’t had time to write about ““ as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks. I picked today to pull out this photo, and it promptly inspired my Pavlovian husband to dash out to the supermarket to repeat this beloved dinner tonight. What a guy!)

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