This Brady Bunch Life Tip is inspired by the very first episode of The Brady Bunch, titled “The Honeymoon” (original air date September 26, 1969).

8 Ideas for Keeping Your Cool in Times of Stress

1. Know your triggers. Can you avoid a situation that you know may trigger stress? Can you develop some useful tools to help you from losing your cool when you encounter a trigger?

2. Stop yourself from reacting instantly. Realize that you can control your emotions, and remind yourself not to overreact.

3. Treat your body well! This includes getting enough sleep, doing physical exercise to release frustration, and limiting your caffeine intake.

4. Lighten up and try to find some humor. Is this something that seems catastrophic in the moment but will be something you will look back at and laugh?

5. Breathe! Take a deep breath, and focus on relaxing your tensed muscles and releasing your frustration as you exhale. Think positively about moving forward.

6. Take a breather. Literally take a short physical break from the stressful situation if you can. Walk outside for some fresh air, go into the next room, or just get up and stretch.

7. Check your perspective. Consider whether losing your cool will actually solve anything or whether it will just escalate the situation. Is it something fairly minor that you can ultimately let pass? Is it something you can let go of temporarily but revisit at a less stressful time? Or is it a situation that you absolutely must respond to immediately?

8. Plan ahead, especially for situations that you anticipate may be stressful. A mental dress rehearsal can help you visualize what you’ll do if you face a trying issue. Have a bail-out plan if tensions escalate.

What other ideas do you have for keeping your cool under stress? Please share your tips in the comments below!


TRIVIA QUESTION: What’s the name of the front desk manager who checks the Bradys into the honeymoon suite at the hotel?

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