I would say that I wrote my ass off last week, but alas, I look behind myself and see that my fat tuchus is still part of my being. So let’s just say that I managed to buckle down and write profiles from our first three interviews. I’m pretty pleased with the way they turned out, and it was awesome to have had the third interview transcribed. Made things exponentially easier.

This week is a little slower – I’m awaiting the transcript from another fantastic interview we conducted over the weekend, so I don’t have much writing to work on at the moment. We were supposed to do another interview this morning, but the person has been battling bronchitis, so we had to reschedule. I actually got to go on a work-release trip today to Costco and stock up in preparation for an expected snow day tomorrow – mainly so I don’t hear the perpetual whine of, “Whattttt is there to eattttt?” all day long. Two more interviews already set up between now and next Monday, so next week I should be crazy-busy again.

I continually find it humorous to hear David tell people he’s SOOOOOO busy writing this book. Last I checked, of the 7,635 total words so far, I‘ve written 7,635 and he’s written zero Be honest, dude, you been busy crackin’ dat whip is more like it. WWWHAAAPCHHHHHHH!

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