Holy freakin’ cow. Two minutes ago I sent the two final chapters plus the epilogue to my editor. If I can just take a moment to process this…I actually completed the 250-page manuscript!

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to write three chapters and the epilogue in less than a week. It’s a blur, sort of like the pain of childbirth. And though they were written in a short span of time, I think they actually might be my finest pieces of writing. They’re very personal and heartfelt, which is my bailiwick.

Now what? Well, I need to keep the champagne corked for a couple more days as I go back to square one and review the minor editorial comments my editor suggested. Plus we used some fun epigraphs to begin each chapter, and it turns out we can’t use song lyrics because of rights issues, so we have to redo three of those. But as soon as all that’s done, I am fixin’ to let loose and partayyyyyy!

And last but not least, for your perusement and amusement, I thought I’d share the stipple portraits of David and me, which we’ll use on our author pages instead of photos. Now, if only someone could draw me a chin in real life…

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