Okay, so I began this project last fall with an office set-up on the cavernous third floor. Over the winter I moved my work area to the sitting area on the the second floor. When spring rolled around, I relocated to my actual office on the first floor. And yesterday, because of the distracting noise and commotion in and around my office, I moved my computer to a folding table in the basement. I am officially working from the crypt. The dungeon. If I move down any further, it’ll have to be to Class A office space in Hell.

On the upside, I received feedback yesterday from my editor, the first person outside this house to read what I’ve written so far. Lady reads a lot of manuscripts, and here’s what she had to say about mine:

“Overall, I found the manuscript to be extremely well-written, thoughtful, motivating, emotional and inspirational. As I read the chapters, there were moments when I enthusiastically nodded my head in support of your practical and insightful advice; moments when I was shocked to learn about some of the portrayed role model’s upbringing, rise to success and personality traits; moments when I took professional and personal notes in the hopes that I would consult them as I continue on my journey to become a fulfilled person; and even moments when I cried making it difficult to edit the poignant passage. Although the letters were not addressed to me, or someone of my age or position in life, the lessons and values that you discuss are important for any ambitious person, regardless of their age, social standing or professional success, and I truly believe that this book will help people re-implement our country’s time-tested, invaluable virtues.”

I could not have dreamed of more satisfying feedback! So I am hereby motivated to finish Chapter 9 and then conquer Chapter 10. From the crypt: over and out, baby!

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