Though I haven’t blogged in a while, it’s been a busy summer in Book Land, between copyediting and proofreading, designing page layouts and the jacket, securing advance “endorsements” from a wide variety of individuals, hiring a publicist and web designer, and developing promotional strategies and copy. It’s been at once rewarding (seeing my words in print) and frustrating (working with the very “in-the-box” publisher), but we are going to press next Monday, and the book will be in the warehouse on September 22nd and in stores a week or two later. In fact, it’s already for presale online at amazon and Barnes & Noble.

David and I are also thrilled to announce that Letters from Home will be an entirely charitable project on our end. We have decided to donate 100% of our royalties among three incredible organizations: as we previously announced, 50% will go to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and FORCE, which do phenomenal work together in the area of hereditary, genetic breast and ovarian cancer research; and the other 50% will go to Share Our Strength, which is working to end childhood hunger in America. (Another day I will share with you just how difficult it is to give away money. You would be shocked and appalled at how many high-profile national organizations have no interest in being a beneficiary unless you can guarantee them an outrageous largesse. Reprehensible and disheartening.)

Anyway, I’m humbled and proud to share with you the beautiful and effusive advance praise our book has received from some influential individuals. A couple of these “endorsements” will be printed on the back cover, and the rest will be printed within the book. We’ve been overwhelmingly honored and touched by the kind and enthusiastic words these individuals have been generous enough to share, and we are ever grateful that even though most of these folks don’t know us at all (in many cases we were connected through thoughtful friends in common), they were willing to read our manuscript and contribute their amazing words to our project. It’s especially gratifying to me that after slaving in the dungeon for so many months, at least six people had something nice to say!


“In Letters from Home David and Andrea Reiser lay out for their four sons the structure within which they have been raised—a structure that stresses honesty, decency and a path to success in life that is based on traditional American values. It is a timely message for these young men as they move into manhood. It is a timeless message that they can pass on to their children and grandchildren.”

Geraldine A. Ferraro

“David and Andrea Reiser in Letters from Home create a prescription for happiness, prosperity and fulfillment in life that works for everybody—traditional virtues and values to guide young Americans as well as corporate CEOs. In an era where many Americans believe we have lost our compass, this book shares a playbook that inspires us to make the world a better place and to work hard to achieve the American Dream for ouselves and our families. Their passion for a meaningful and good life is deliciously contagious and worth passing along to all whom you love.”

—Howie Phanstiel

Retired Chairman & CEO, PacifiCare Health Systems

Letters from Home is a creative, inspirational and hopeful book for any parent who wants to inspire their child to live a successful life. It empowers parents to wisely influence and educate their children about how to meaningfully navigate the challenging journey called life, so that they can become the moral person, passionate professional and altruistic member of society they were always meant to be. David and Andrea Reiser cleverly weave wise and personal letters about life to their four children, and mix them with a little bit of history and other compelling stories to further highlight these essential and classic messages, which too often get lost in today’s morally confused society. Bravo!! And thank you for writing this jewel of a book, for all of us to treasure.”

Robi Ludwig, Psy.D.

NBC Today show contributor

“America is the ‘land of opportunity’—not through a pre-ordained right, but through hard work, integrity, and vision. In our increasingly global economy, Letters from Home remind us of the principles that make America great today, and that our children will need tomorrow. Wisdom for all ages leaps off the pages, as Letters from Home brings the American spirit to life for the whole family.”

—Mark Palmer

CEO, StreamBase Systems

Letters From Home poignantly outlines the building blocks we need to teach our children—and sometimes, each other—about what it means to be good citizens of the world. This is not simply a book about how one achieves success in life; it is about the importance of family, respect, integrity, work ethic, and determination on life’s journey—factors easily lost or forgotten in today’s fast paced, smartphone-crazed world. Through letters to their four sons and profiles of their friends and acquaintances, David and Andrea Reiser give us unique glimpses into the way in which they and others in their community have realized their dreams, and remind us that the true definition of success in life has little to do with money, and more to do with what we give back to this world.”

Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Founder & CEO,

Letters from Home is a beautiful reminder that true success means much more than money and materialism. It means embracing the responsibility of giving back to others with your hands and your heart: from the planet itself to the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity to the local community to the small cadre of friends and loved ones we call family. If all young Americans took inspiration from the lessons in this book, together we’d create the kind of world we all wish for.”

Andy Sabin

President, Andrew Sabin Family Foundation

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