Favorite Childhood Book

To kick off my #50FavesTo50 project, I’m remembering one of my favorite books from childhood. Like so many girls growing up in the 70s, I adored Judy Blume’s young adult novels. She created relatable and likable characters, explored relevant themes, and her writing was thoughtful and fun. As you can see, I’ve never been able to part with my well-loved, tattered collection!

While I truly enjoyed each one, my favorite has always been my first: “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.” As a firstborn myself, I recognized in Peter Hatcher so many innate oldest child qualities, and I got a kick out of his impish little brother, Fudge, in all his mischievous charm. And as a suburban girl, I thought it was so cool that they lived in Manhattan, where they played in the park and took an elevator to their apartment.

Might be kinda fun to re-read a few of these as an adult. And coincidentally, Judy Blume has a brand-new adult novel coming out in early June titled “In The Unlikely Event.”

My next birthday is the big 5-0, and rather than approaching it with dread, I decided to have some fun by doing a weekly countdown revisiting some of my favorite memories and things from the past 49+ years. #50FavesTo50


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