I’m fascinated by the science of happiness and gratitude, and I’m constantly reading articles and journals, as well as watching videos that teach me more. Thought I’d share a few posts and videos that have intrigued and inspired me recently:


Cosby RashadThe Habits Of Supremely Happy People

What kinds of things do happy people do regularly, and how can you introduce these things into your life to increase happiness? This Huffington Post piece offers 21 ideas, from laughing to exercising to listening to music to appreciating simple pleasures.


happiness10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

This piece is somewhat more science-based, and outlines 10 ways to be happier. One of the keys is getting enough sleep, and another is to spend time with friends and family. The research that supports each idea is quite interesting!


SoulPancakeThe Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude

Hands-down, one of my favorite videos of the year. Find seven minutes in your day to watch an experiment that will make you smile, make you teary and make you inspired to tell someone special in your life that you’re grateful for them. It’s a beautiful thing.


Louis CKHow To Live A Happy Life: Louis CK Explains The Science

You may have seen a viral video of comedian Louis CK on Conan recently in which he ruminates about the fact that “Everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy.” If you haven’t yet seen the video, it’s included in Eric Barker’s piece on Bakadesuyo. Barker goes on to describe why we’ve adopted this pervasive tendency to take things for granted, as well as a simple way to work gratitude into your life.


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