The topic this week is love. My first thought was, “Everyone knows how to do things with love.” But I realized that may not necessarily be the case. So I’ve come up with 15 ideas for how to spend this week (and beyond!) doing things with love.

1. Begin and end each day with love in your heart. Wake up each morning and go to sleep each night thinking loving thoughts about your life, yourself, your family, friends, pet. Be grateful for those who give you love.

2. Do things that make your heart smile. Sing, dance, run, paint — whatever makes you happy.

3. Do something thoughtful or special for someone you love. Bake cookies for your kids when they get home from school. Leave a love note on the seat of your husband’s car. Send your best friend a card in the mail “just because.”

4. Give someone you love your undivided attention. Really listen. It’s something that’s so lacking in the world, and it’s a wonderful demonstration of love.

5. Make time for someone you love. Do something with them that they really enjoy.

6. Do something unexpected to make life easier for someone you love. Run an errand for them or make an arrangement they’ve been putting off. Think about how you can be helpful without being asked.

7. Show your love with hugs and kisses. If you’re comfortable doing that, of course.

8. Share your feelings of love. Express how you feel about the people you love.

9. Cook with love! Make something yummy that’s soul-satisfying or that’s a favorite of someone you love.

10. Take the time to admire the inspiring beauty of nature. It’s sure to fill your heart with love.

11. Create with love. Whether you’re artistic, crafty or mechanical, make something and let your love flow through your work.

12. Love yourself. Recognize your talents and skills and let that positive feeling wash over you. Pat yourself on the back — you deserve it!

13. Love your body. Whether you like what you see in the mirror right now or not, treat your body well through exercising regularly and eating sensibly. Don’t do things that abuse the only body you have.

14. Open your heart to strangers. Have compassion for someone who might be going through a tough time but shows it by behaving badly. Sometimes your unexpected kindness can make a big difference.

15. Smile! It’s healthy, contagious, makes you look younger, relieves stress, and changes your mood. Smiling is a gift for yourself as well as others.


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