One of the best things our family did in 2012 was put a Happy Jar in the kitchen! The Happy Jar is a place where we can collect happy thoughts—maybe a little thing that brightened someone’s day or a major accomplishment or milestone or something that one of us is looking forward to. As the jar fills up, it’s fun to pull out random slips and read happy thoughts. The coolest part is that the Happy Jar inspires smiles on both ends—when you write a slip to drop in and when you take out a slip to read. So sweet!

It’s super-easy to make a Happy Jar. You can use any jar you have handy and decorate it if you like. I also found a pretty little decorative box at HomeGoods to put next to the jar, and filled it with Sharpies and colored paper that I cut into slips, so it’s a piece of cake for everyone to share happy thoughts quickly and often. (I actually designed slips that have a place for name and date and then lots of blank space, but you definitely don’t have to go to the trouble.)

Happy Jar Box

The key is to put the Happy Jar somewhere visible and accessible, so it encourages lots of happy sharing. We have ours on a chest in the kitchen, and it’s been popular from Day One.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to make a Happy Jar for your family:

1. It reminds you to focus on happy, positive stuff.

2. Focusing on happy, positive stuff lifts your spirits.

3. It’s something that all family members can do—even little dudes can draw a picture of something that makes them happy.

4. It’s a great way not just to count—but to name and remember—life’s blessings.

5. It elevates the small things that brighten your day.

6. It reinforces gratitude—and gratitude can increase happiness levels by 25%!

7. It gives you a place to share and savor joy with your family.

8. It brings a smile to reach in and read random happiness slips, especially when you’re feeling down.

9. It reminds you of what makes your family members happy.

10. It’s 100% fun, no stress, totally optional, quick—and who can resist a big jar of sweetness that has zero calories?

So whaddaya think? Already have a Happy Jar? Inspired to make one?


4 Responses to “10 Reasons You Need a Happy Jar”

  1. Glen says:

    Great post Andrea. Please take a look at us on Twitter @HappiJar 🙂 We could use you during our beta testing phase of our app 😉 Please stay in contact!

  2. anne says:

    I think Happy Jars are a fine idea in the appropriate setting. Someone wants to use them in my office setting and I don’t think that is appropriate in a professional setting.

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